Festival de Cannes

Vassiliki Khonsari

Producer / Writer / Director

United States

BAFTA Nominee and winner of the Sundance Imagination Award, AIS Lumiere Award, Meta’s Game of the Year, Tribeca Storyscapes Award, Vassiliki Khonsari is a New York City based producer, writer, and director across video games, XR, Immersive, and films. Vassiliki Khonsari a été nominée aux BAFTA et a remporté les Sundance Imagination Award, l’AIS Lumiere Award, le Meta’s Game of the Year et le Tribeca Storyscapes Award.

As the cofounder of iNK Stories, an independent studio renowned for its genre-defining approach to storytelling and world building through creative technologies across platforms, Vassiliki Khonsari has produced original titles such as 1979 Revolution Game, Blindfold, Hero, and Fire Escape. The studio’s partnerships include Meta, Google, Pico, Microsoft, Verizon, Capcom, Committee to Protect Journalists, Center For Human Rights in Iran, and more.

Currently, Khonsari is working in collaboration with Netflix, The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, LA Music Center, Louverture Films, and Alambic Productions, to create original work across platforms.

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